Past SCAPE meetings



The 37th SCAPE Meeting was organised by Renate Wesslingh (UCLouvain), Maxime Eeraerts (UGent) and Carolin Mayer (UNamur, JPE) from October 19-22, 2023 in Belgium. Over 100 (!) participants came to the Domaine de Mozet, close to the Walloon capital Namur.

Find here the list of participants and the book of abstracts.

SCAPE2023 group photo


In 2022 the SCAPE Conference was hosted by Jon Ågren, Nina Sletvold and Lisette van Kolfschoten from the Department of Ecology and Genetics at the University of Uppsala in Sweden. 


The conference was held at Gimo Herrgård, about 50 km northeast of Uppsala,


The conference ran from October 13-16, 2022. See the conference pages for more information.

scape2022 group phhoto


In 2021 the conference was hosted by Prof. Marcin Zych and the research team from the University of Warsaw Botanic Garden, Poland: dr Katarzyna Roguz, Justyna Ryniewicz, Mateusz Skłodowski, Barbara Płaskonka, Marcin Mazurkiewicz and WhyNotTravel Agency (logistic and travel issues).

The sessions were held at the University of Warsaw Botanic Garden in Warsaw, Poland ( on Thursday, 21 Oct, and the European Centre for Geological Education, University of Warsaw, (Chęciny, near Kielce in Świętokrzyskie region, on 22-24 October.

Find the book of abtracts here.

Most sessions have been recorded, you can access them here!


United Kingdom

This SCAPE meeting was held online and hosted by Dr. Jeff Ollerton of the University of Northampton. The programme and book of abstract can be found here.

SCAPE digital group photo. Thanks to Mariano Devoto for compiling this picture!
SCAPE digital group photo. Thanks to Mariano Devoto for compiling this picture!

Lund, Sweden

This SCAPE meeting was held at the Backägardens Conference centre in Höör, Sweden. No group picture was taken. If anyone has some pictures to share let us know! Here you can find the book of abstracts.

Crowd shot SCAPE 2019
Alison Scott-Brown
Yuval SCAPE 2019

Dublin, Ireland

Ireland, Avon Rí, Blessington. Here is the list of participants and the book of abstracts.



Norway, Reenskaug Hotell, Drøbak.  Here's the list of participants and the book of abstracts.


Date and Location

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2016 Sweden, STF Abisko Tourist Station, Abisko

2015 Denmark, Vejlsøhus Hotel & Conference Centre, Silkeborg

2014 Sweden, Tovetorp Research Station

2013 Finland, Lammi Biological Station

2012 Norway, Skjærhalden Sjøbuer Conference Centre, Kirkøy

2011 Denmark, Vingsted

2010 Sweden, Tovetorp Research Station

2009 Finland, Seili

2008 Norway, Kaupanger

2007 Denmark, Fuglsø

2006 Sweden, Gålö

2005 Sweden, Tjärnö

2004 Finland, Seili

2003 Norway, Oksenøen

2002 Denmark, Kongskilde

2001 Sweden, Finhamn

2000 Finland, Oulanka Biological Station

1999 Norway, Bergen

1998 Denmark, Sandbjerg

1997 Sweden, Tjärnö

1996 Sweden, Umeå & Norrfäillsviken

1995 Finland, Lammi Biological Station

1994 Norway, Utøya

1993 Sweden, [where?]

1992 Denmark, Kongskilde

1991 Sweden, Uppsala & Öland

1990 Denmark, Mols

1989 Sweden, Göteborg

1988 Sweden, Lund

1987 Sweden, Norrbyn, Umeå