Travel information

Picture: Vy/Øivind Haug

Venue address: Ullensvangveien 865, 5781 Lofthus

The hotel is in the center of the small town Lofthus, which is a 2.5 hour drive from Bergen (the second largest city in Norway). Lofthus is about 1 hour drive from Voss train station, which can be reached from Bergen (1-1.5 hours) and the capital, Oslo (5.5 hours).

The easiest way to get to the conference venue is either by plane to Bergen (shortest) or Oslo. We are organizing buses to go from the Bergen city center to Ullensvang hotel. These bus will also pass by Voss to pick up those of you arriving from Oslo by train. See time schedules for the buses on the right.

You should plan for at least 1 hour time slot getting from Bergen airport to Bergen central station and vice versa. There are buses ( and a light rail ( going from Bergen airport to the city center. For those of you going from/by Oslo, the easiest would be to take the train either from Oslo airport or Oslo city center (

Public Transport

There are trains going from both Bergen and Oslo to Voss (, where you can take a public bus to Lofthus (1h 20 mins) if you are not able to take the SCAPE bus. The buss schedule can be found here: if you put: from "Voss stasjon" to "Lofthus, Ullensvang" (not Lofthus, Voss), which stops right outside the venue/hotel.

Ullensvang hotel: Venue for the conference in 2024.

SCAPE bus from Bergen/Voss to Lofthus:

Two SCAPE shuttles will leave from Bergen central station.

Thursday 10 October 

First bus:

Leave Bergen busstation 15:00 

Second bus:

Leave Bergen busstation 16:30, at Voss train station 18:15 (corresponds with train from Oslo) 

Sunday 13 October 

First bus:

Leave Ullensvang hotel 8:00 (corresponds with train to Oslo, in Bergen ca. 11:00) 

Second bus:

Leave Ullensvang hotel 10:00 (corresponds with train to Oslo, in Bergen ca. 13:00)