The "Domaine de Mozet" is a castle with quite a long history. Since 1964, it is owned by "Les Guides Catholiques de Belgique", who made it a wonderful meeting place, widely open to young people and adults, especially for scouts.

Mozet is close to Namur (15 km) and one of the most beautiful villages of Wallonia, the french speaking southern part of Belgium.

Address: Rue du Tronquoy, 2 – 5340 Mozet

Travel information:

Namur is about 1.5 hours by train from Brussels or Charleroi airport.

We will organise a bus from Namur train station to Mozet on Thursday afternoon and back on Sunday morning. There is also a bus from Namur going to Mozet in case you cannot take the SCAPE bus.

Find your bus here - Search from "Namur gare autobus" to "Mozet eglise"

Please note: Compared to the luxury of the last SCAPE conferences, the level of accommodation is rather hostel-style. Participants are accommodated in shared rooms (5-7 people with bunk beds and two dormitories for 15) and have to bring their own sleeping bag/towels*. Although there is usually a washbasin in the room, toilet and shower facilities are found in the corridors.
There are seven single rooms available and if you have a good argument (heavy snorer, sleepwalker, etc.) that you need one, please contact us soon so that we can reserve one for you.

*We will provide duvets, bedding, and towels for rent.

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