Poster session

Monica Borghi, Floral metabolomes and insect visitation assemblages of two Phaseolus species

Constantin Kopper, Pantropical pollination syndromes and pollinator shifts in Melastomataceae

Christine Coppinger, Perceptions of insects and bee pollinators, and the importance of pollinators to rural livelihoods

Tara Dirilgen, From Roots to Pollinators: How above-and below-ground organisms interact through plants

Maxime Eeraerts, Field-and landscape-level honey beestocking density effects on crop visitation in highbush blueberry

Michał Filipiak, Critical role of the food K:Na ratio for ecology and evolution of bees

Zuzanna M. Filipiak, To help wild bees we should consider nutrient demand and supply in a changing environment

Martin Freudenfeld, Pollen carry-over capacity of the main functional groups of pollinators

Sara Hellström, Anthophora plumipes as novel model species for testing hazards of pesticide residues in soil

Karolína Hrubá, Global warming as a threat to pollen germination of wild plant species –a pilot experiment

Léna Jeannerod, Influences in plant-pollinator interactions of pollen quantity and chemical composition in Belgian agricultural landscapes

Jesovnik, Cro Buzz Klima project

Jørund Johansen, Pollinators in apple and pear orchards of Western Norway

Tamar Keasar, Flower morphology predicts the sex of visiting bees in natural plant communities

Sarah A. MacQueen, Predicting bee activity levels under climate change with a mechanistic model of thermoregulation

Misiewicz A., Effects of pesticide mixtures on survival of the red mason bee Osmia bicornis

Charlie Nicholson, A meta-analysis of single visit pollination effectiveness: Comparing honeybees and other floral visitors

Zachary J. Nolen, Assessing the impact of changes in land use on genetic diversity and adaptive potential of butterfly species

Hedda B. Orbaek, Reproduction and pollination in bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) along two elevational gradients in western Norway

Elżbieta Rożej-Pabijan, Impact of the invasive plant Impatiens glandulifera on parasitic Nosema bombi occurrence in bumblebees

Aleksandra Splitt, Overview of Osmia bicornis pollen choices

Viktor Szigeti, Effects of six invasive plant species on pollinators in Hungary

Donam Tushabeand, A compendium of in vitro germination media for pollen research

C.J. van der Kooi, Floral displays suffer from sulphur deprivation

Sandra Kaasen Vestheim, Pollination in 10 apple orchards of Western Norway

Wiatrowska B., Linear effects of Spiraea tomentosa invasion on native pollinators of wet meadows

Eva Matoušková, Flower choices in naïve Eristalis tenax: the colourand size matters